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When Great Gramma’s great-grandchildren come to visit her in Canada, they meet someone very special—a little grey squirrel named Squeak. He turns up outside Great Gramma’s window every day, and he’s always fun to watch. The more they see Squeak, the more the children want to know about him, like why he makes a mess of Great Gramma’s flower pots every year, and whether Great Gramma really minds when he does.
Great Gramma’s great grandchildren love visiting her and seeing Squeak, the little grey squirrel who lives in her yard. When Leo and Evlyn come to visit, they discover a baby squirrel at the bottom of a tall tree. Squeak has a family -but one of his babies has fallen out of the nest! Leo and Evlyn know that they need to help Squeak’s baby, but how? With Great Gramma’s help, they’re sure they can reunite Squeak and his baby.

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​Lori J is a preschool teacher with over thirty years of experience educating young children. Her first picture book, Squeak, the Little Grey Squirrel, was inspired by her own experiences watching the squirrels in the trees around her mother’s house with Lori’s own grandchildren. Lori is a proud mother and grandmother living in White Rock, B.C.

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